AHOOM in just over one year, have proven that variety is the spice of life by giving Ghanaians an array of options they’ve wanted for a very long time.

Best Customer Service

Recently receiving the Customer Service Brand of the year 2018, many customers can attest to the fact that, Groupe Nallem STM’s customer services and relations is next to none. And AHOOM being the Groupe’s subsidiary, you are assured of the best customer services.

 Hassle Free & Affordability

AHOOM has spearheaded the online retail operations for Africa on the international market by selling products of African ingenuity without much of a hassle and affordability compared to physical stores; AHOOM’s success story.

Every Afrocentric Product Is Available

No disappointment, thus there’s really never a time you find yourself not getting the product you want from AHOOM. You almost always find what you’re searching for with assured authenticity of products. An always readiness feature, the advantage AHOOM has over competitors, if there are any.

Secured Online Payment

With payment services from Paypal, Slydepay and mobile money, you’re assured of secured online payments. First, PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted as they use industry-standard security features that you’d expect from any large financial institution. So are the other payment services AHOOM uses. And buyers will find that AHOOM provides an easy and secure way to make purchases. And there is the option of CASH ON DELIVERY, so no worries.

Fast Delivery

Buyers get purchased products swiftly delivered to them. And AHOOM’s in house dispatch delivery services make sure of that. Every purchase you make on AHOOM will be delivered to you in the comfort of your home, at the time you desire.