Nallem Clothing is Leading Africa’s Mass Production of Corporate/Customized Nose Masks

Covid-19 has pushed humanity to discover and make adjustments we inherently wouldn’t have – both positive and negative. For Nallem Clothing, a fashion brand in Africa, this has meant dropping the design and production of garments and accessories and taking on the mass production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the benefit of society. These PPEs include Laboratory Coats, Surgical Masks, Scrubs and Scrub Caps for Health Workers, Personal Nose Masks, etc.

One major type of PPE which has skyrocketed in demand in Ghana following the lifting of its 3 weeks partial lock down, is the Corporate (Customized) Nose Mask. The President of the Republic of Ghana – Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo – after lifting the partial lock down, instilled a directive, requiring anyone who must step out of their homes, to wear a nose mask, whilst still observing all other protocols to help fight the spread of Covid-19.

As such, corporate institutions, in their bid to help enforce the president’s directive, have resorted to acquiring corporate branded or customized nose masks for their employees. And Nallem Clothing is proud to be associated with such socially responsible brands through the production of its unique Three-Layered and Filter Nose Masks.

Nallem Clothing incorporates a futuristic and innovative approach to the production of its nose masks (Triple Layered Protection), whilst adhering to World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health (MOH) standards and recommendations. Offering triple layered protection against dust and bacteria, the masks are re-usable, dual faced, breathable and comfortable.

The company also adheres to the best sanitary practices in the production process such as, frequently sanitized machines, regular temperature checks of staff, use of nose masks, gloves and apron by workers, and many more.

So far Nallem Clothing has worked with brands such as CFAO, Golden Star Resource, Korle Bu Cardio Center, Junction Mall, Verna Mineral Water, EURACARE Diagnostic and Heart Center, and many more.

Nallem Clothing is committed to the fight against Covid-19 and is working with brands to contribute and support this fight.