Nallem Clothing’s Triple Layered Nose Mask is in the Forefront to the fight against Covid-19 in Africa

Nallem Clothing is one of Africa’s premier and leading fashion houses in Ghana – designing and manufacturing trailblazing apparel and garments for over 20 years. As a market leader and pacesetter, Nallem Clothing have been instrumental in the emergence of African Wax Print Fashion in the last decade; and have paved the way for futuristic fashion pieces and accessories for all demographics. Gracing several international fashion platforms including Brooklyn-New York Fashion weeks, Nallem Clothing has grown to become a household name in Africa.

In the fight against Covid-19 in Africa, Nallem Clothing is leading the production of Nose masks and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) for personal use, health institutions and multi-million companies, especially in Ghana.

Nallem Clothing’s nose masks incorporates a triple layered technology that offers maximum protection against dusts and bacteria, whilst remaining fashionable. These masks are also re-usable, dual faced and offers a comfortable fit.

Masks are available in different designs, styles, fabric, sizes and colors, and are available for purchase online at or via social media channels.

As an industry leader, Nallem Clothing is also a forerunner in the MASS production of nose masks and PPEs and have worked with brands such as CFAO, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital – Cardio Center, Verna Mineral Water, Junction Mall and many more.