Red Palm Oil – Miracle Oil for Longevity

In 2013, Red Palm Oil was declared the miracle discovery of the year by famous American TV show doctor, Dr. OZ.

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Red palm oil is processed from the Palm Kernel fruit which is predominantly found in Africa and South East Asia.

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According to the research it contains an ancient remedy that can fight the aging process, belly fat and combat heart diseases. It has 2 vital powerhouse chemicals that packs a disease fighting punch, making it one of the most powerful fruits on earth.

According to Bryce Wylde, an Alternative Medicine Expert, it contains powerhouse nutrient Carotene, which is a super powerful anti-oxidant found in orange/yellow pigmented fruits and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes. But the kicker? Oil Palm contains more carotene than both fruits combined!

Another vital powerhouse nutrient found in red palm oil is tocotrienol – a chemical found in the vitamin E family and is necessary for proper brain and body function. It increases blood circulation in the brain and reduces incidents of dementia and Alzheimers. Red Palm oil plays a role in keeping arteries open by helping to unclog fat-clogged artery linings thus, keeping the heart healthy.

A combination of these two powerhouse chemicals /nutrients stops the aging process and protects all the body cells and tissues.

It has been found that, a single liter of red palm oil contains more anti-oxidants power than a about 5 liters of coconut oil, canola oil, almond oil and olive oil.

All these benefits can be earned by consuming just 2 spoon fulls of red palm oil a day.