Surviving the Harmattan Season in Ghana

The Harmattan season is a period between late November and early March. It is usually characterized by dry, dusty winds (known as North East Trade Winds) blowing over West Africa from the Sahara desert. In the Northern part of most countries in the Sub-Saharan region, it features extremely cold and chilly temperatures from early evenings to mid mornings.

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Here are a few tips to easily navigate through the Harmattan season:

Moisturizer – Shea Butter. The importance of moisturizing cannot be understated during the Harmattan season. Dry, harsh winds tend to easily result in cracked foot and lips if not managed, and this is best done using raw unadulterated Shea Butter. Shea butter works better to lock in moisture compared to lip balms and other oils. The good news is, Shea Butter is a cheap commodity on the market, especially in Africa.

Raw unadulterated Shea Butter

Nasal Decongestant. A good nasal decongestant will help clear colds as a result of pre-disposition to dust and pollen.

Nose Mask/Bandana. Carrying a nose mask or any form of nose protection item will help prevent the inhalation of dust and other particles in the atmosphere. It is a great way to seal-off dust and promote breathing clean air.

Staying away from White or plain colored clothes as much as possible is a good idea during the dusty Harmattan season. Dusty atmospheres cause visible stains and dust on plain colored clothes.

Climax of Year of Return in Ghana

Since the declaration of 2019 as the Year of Return by Ghana’s president HE Nana Akuffo Addo, thousands have traveled to Ghana throughout the year, but more especially in December for the climax of events. An estimated 750,000 visas were issued compared to 75,000 in past years.

Having been officially tasked by the president to market Ghana and the Year of Return initiative globally, Bozoma Saint John, CMO of Endeavor have been instrumental in creating and driving conversations about the initiative, thus, its success.

HE President Nana Akuffo Addo, Middle, Front Row. Bozoma Saint John, Second from right. Photo source:

Ghana welcomed among others, international stars such as Ms Tina Knowles, Rick Ross, Cardi B, Boris & Nicole Kodjoe, TI & Tiny, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve & Marjorie Harvey, Ludacris, Akon, etc.

Steve Harvey and Family at Cape Coast Castle. Picture Source:
Boris Kudjoe and his family. Photo source:

Leading up to the close of December, several events marking the year of return and Christmas have been ongoing. It suffices to say there have been back-to-back events ranging from parties, educational trips, food fairs, art exhibitions, etc. It has been a colorful few weeks for us here in Ghana with virtually everyone clad in brightly colored African wax clothes to show their affiliation to the motherland.

We have greatly enjoyed welcoming and connecting with our brothers and sisters from the diaspora back to the motherland. We hope to see you back every year to celebrate with us.